Telephone: Chapter One

Ring Ring!”, Michelle’s phone goes off. She’s tired from a long night of partying and all she wants to do is sleep, but she can’t. Kids need to go to school, drop off her boyfriend at work, interview in two hours, and then she goes to work.

As she climbs out of bed, she realizes her ankle is completely swollen and from being hangover from the night before she can’t remember how and why her ankle is swollen. She yells for her boyfriend, Mike. But no answer… She screams at the top of lungs “Mike! Help! I need to go the hospital!” Still no answer. She begin to worry that Mike meant his word when he said if she didn’t get her shit together he was taking his kids and leaving her. She tries to jump out of bed but instead falls on the floor, her head facing the closet door. She realizes that all of Mike’s clothes are still in there and even some of the kids’ clothes, too.

Waking up and realizing it was just a dream, gave Michelle a panic on what her future was going to be. Shes a teenage girl in high school, senior, smart, and beautiful (as her family tells her). Not a damn thing in her way from a better future. Her biological parents were too drunk and stupid to realize what a wonderful daughter they had. Never got in trouble, never got in a fight (but was prepared for one, if necessary), never misbehave in class (that is, what her parents knew off). Michelle wasn’t a perfect child, she did what any other young teenage did in school. She would talk in class, skip class when she felt like she didn’t need to go. She made sure her grades were good because if not, one slip in her grades and her father will slip a hit on her face.

Her mother, Louise, was dying from cancer and her father was too busy drinking and smoking, her mother could barely get the help she needed. A father she hated and hoped one day her mother would finally leave him and let her loving daughter take care of her. Michelle never really called her father “Dad”. She would only called him Dad, if he was sober enough not to beat her for calling his name. One night, her father was half drunk and started crying, telling her all the things that she didn’t give two shits about. He could kick her ass whenever he wanted to and she wasn’t afraid to say it to face. Her family tries to remind her that if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be alive right now. Who said she wanted to be in this world? Who said she has to work harder to stop the abuse for her parents? She would whether be dead or in jail, then live in the hell hole they call “life”.

As she gets ready for school, she realizes her mother isn’t calling her to give her, her morning pills. She waits a few seconds for the annoying, yell for help with her medicine. Still nothing. She paces herself and checks to see if her mother is still there. She walks into the room, her mother pale as snow on a clear sunny day. Her hair falling out little by little. Her eyes shut, not seeing one visible sign of rapid eye movement. She realizes in the next few months that after a few months only two people will be living in this house.


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