Telephone: Chapter Two

Its the end of the school year, all of her family have come to come to Louise’s funeral. Michelle crying for her  mother wishing she was still here. Every morning Louise will tell her a quick story about her life growing up in a new country. Her mother is Dominican and same for her father. Michelle resembles neither of them, but she looked like her mother when she was the same age as her. It was as if Louise was given a second life, but it was actually just her daughter.

As Michelle watched them bury her mother, she wondered if her father actually cared enough or wasn’t too drunk to realize what just happened. Without her mother, life at home when be ten times harder. Her father’s drinking and no having job meant it was up to her to take care of everything. From getting herself to school and dealing with the shit that comes up with her father. Michelle knew how to drive a car, pay bills, and everything else, but when it comes to her father she doesn’t know what to expect..

In the middle of summer, Michelle wants to leave her stupid ass father home and go out with friends to a party where her long-term crush will be. She walks into the kitchen and sees her father grabbing his usual midnight snack (Beer and whatever else he can find to eat). She smiles at him as if she doesn’t want grab a knife and kill him and politely says, “Dad, I love you. Is it okay if I go to a party with some friends?” She waits for the question you always hear for your father when you ask him to go to a party. “Are boys going to be at the party?” But instead, he throws his beer and snack into the sink, steps up really fast into Michelle’s face and balls his hands into a fist. Michelle knowing that look, tightens up her body to prevent her coming, when that triggering blow in the face knocks her down on her ass. He swings his arm back and moves it towards her and in reaction, Michelle shuts her eyes completely. Her father puts his muscular arms around her and crying like a little bitch she already knew he was. She pats him on his back and then lays him down in the bed and waits as she puts her 30-something year old father in the bed. Now, he is officially knocked the fuck out. So she goes to the party. Now, if her father hit her then that would have been a given answer of the word “No.” But a “let your father cry on you and put him to sleep like a baby”, was a sign for her to get out of the house and relax. She grabbed her keys and everything she needed for the party. She calls her friend, Aaliyah, telling her to be ready to shake her ass until the sunshine hits her eyes. Aaliyah, was ready for anything and she knew Michelle was ready to party all night long.

Michelle.. a virgin…single…big crush on one guy for the last three days. Sounds like any other teenage girl, right? Wrong. Michelle wasn’t just a regular ole’ teenager, she was a smart one. Who put her schooling, in front of anything. If her grades were not where she wanted them to be, she wouldn’t talk to anybody until those damn grades were in the right place. But when she had everything in order in school, she was like a teenager who got expelled from school and knew how to “party like a rock” every day and every night. Michelle and Aaliyah both had curves that any girl wish they had. They didn’t show it off like other bitches would. Schooling was casual and be a student dressing, but partying was to be the biggest looking hoe at the party but still be a bad bitch at the same time. They achieved this perfectly. Not letting a damn thing stop them from having fun. And tonight was tonight that maybe that big crush Michelle had on Josh was finally going to be able to talk to him.

Aaliyah was always pretty. She had long brown hair, big eyes, and a petite body. She wasn’t shape like a hourglass but she close enough. She was a very classy girl who knew how to show off her shit while people were still hating on her. She knew she looked good but she carried herself as any lady should. A lot of people say that Michelle and Aaliyah could be sister because they look so alike.

Michelle got blonde highlights in her hair that brought out her shape and face. Her eyes were brown with a little green in them. She had more curves then Aaliyah, but Aaliyah was the one with the nice butt, while Michelle had big boobs. Michelle stayed fit everyday. From running to walking on the treadmill for an hour to two hours. Aaliyah did the same. Never worked out together but came out with the same best results that they wanted.


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