Telephone: Chapter Five

Joshua runs his hand down her hip to the thigh and then back up again. Michelle softly brushes her lips against his, making her feel weak as he kissed her harder with every stroke. Her body begins to scream for him, covering her body in hot, steamy sweat. Joshua starts kissing her from head to toe. He caresses her breasts as he begins to kiss and massage her neck with his tongue. He feels his body getting hotter and wanting to be deep inside her and while she moans his name. Michelle wanting the same. The door to Michelle’s room slams open and her father stands their with nothing on, just his boxers. One hand holding on the door to keep his balance, while the other hand was holding up a gun pointing straight at Joshua. “Nooo!”, yells Michelle. Her father slowly pushes his finger down on the trigger.

Michelle wakes up, buried in sweat and felt devastated by her dream. Why did her dreams always come out bad? Or were they just nightmares? She already lost her mother she didn’t want to lose anyone else. She hears her the father in the other room, screaming and singing to some random song. She was still in shock from the dream about Joshua, she began to tremble. She felt like her whole life was always worrying about what her father was doing. And no matter what how many times you should leave, she knew deep down that she loved him and her mother would tell her to stay by her father’s side at all times. She’d tell her that he isn’t perfect and nor is she. She always had a way of making her get her head right.  I guess that’s why losing her fucked up Michelle so badly.

Michelle decides to text Joshua and see if he was busy later on in the day. She says a simple greeting and makes her way to the shower. Her father stops her in the hallway with a beer in one hand and the other on the wall trying to keep his balance. “You know your mother was a….” He starts off, “Bitch!, she never did…what……. I wanted her to do.” Michelle just stares at him for a second. She was never scared of him at all. Her father made his way to his room and she goes to the shower. What was with her father and his drinking? She had one more year of high school and she would finally be out of here. She hadn’t heard back from Joshua, so she decided she was going to chill.

She grabs her new laptop that she got for Christmas. Her father was never drunk on the day of Christmas because he knew how much it meant to his wife and daughter. Even though, afterwards he was getting drunk more than ever. Deep down, he loved his daughter, no matter how much Michelle didn’t get along with him, he will always love her.  He knew sometimes he would say stuff to Michelle that he never meant, but since he was drinking so much the alcohol took control of what is coming out of his mouth.

After looking through her facebook, she decided to go look at email. She was suppose to getting an email telling her whether or not she was accepted into Michigan State University. She also had a message from facebook from an ex-boyfriend, but he was irrevalant at the moment. She sees the message from the college and carefully reads it. She got accepted. She called Aaliyah and basically screamed her butt off when Aaliyah answered the phone. She finally will be able to get away from her crazy father and live on her own for the first time. She worked so hard after her mom got sick and her father got sick, she would do anything to get away from the fact that she might be losing both of her parents.


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