Telephone: Chapter Five

Joshua runs his hand down her hip to the thigh and then back up again. Michelle softly brushes her lips against his, making her feel weak as he kissed her harder with every stroke. Her body begins to scream for him, covering her body in hot, steamy sweat. Joshua starts kissing her from head to toe. He caresses her breasts as he begins to kiss and massage her neck with his tongue. He feels his body getting hotter and wanting to be deep inside her and while she moans his name. Michelle wanting the same. The door to Michelle’s room slams open and her father stands their with nothing on, just his boxers. One hand holding on the door to keep his balance, while the other hand was holding up a gun pointing straight at Joshua. “Nooo!”, yells Michelle. Her father slowly pushes his finger down on the trigger.

Michelle wakes up, buried in sweat and felt devastated by her dream. Why did her dreams always come out bad? Or were they just nightmares? She already lost her mother she didn’t want to lose anyone else. She hears her the father in the other room, screaming and singing to some random song. She was still in shock from the dream about Joshua, she began to tremble. She felt like her whole life was always worrying about what her father was doing. And no matter what how many times you should leave, she knew deep down that she loved him and her mother would tell her to stay by her father’s side at all times. She’d tell her that he isn’t perfect and nor is she. She always had a way of making her get her head right.  I guess that’s why losing her fucked up Michelle so badly.

Michelle decides to text Joshua and see if he was busy later on in the day. She says a simple greeting and makes her way to the shower. Her father stops her in the hallway with a beer in one hand and the other on the wall trying to keep his balance. “You know your mother was a….” He starts off, “Bitch!, she never did…what……. I wanted her to do.” Michelle just stares at him for a second. She was never scared of him at all. Her father made his way to his room and she goes to the shower. What was with her father and his drinking? She had one more year of high school and she would finally be out of here. She hadn’t heard back from Joshua, so she decided she was going to chill.

She grabs her new laptop that she got for Christmas. Her father was never drunk on the day of Christmas because he knew how much it meant to his wife and daughter. Even though, afterwards he was getting drunk more than ever. Deep down, he loved his daughter, no matter how much Michelle didn’t get along with him, he will always love her.  He knew sometimes he would say stuff to Michelle that he never meant, but since he was drinking so much the alcohol took control of what is coming out of his mouth.

After looking through her facebook, she decided to go look at email. She was suppose to getting an email telling her whether or not she was accepted into Michigan State University. She also had a message from facebook from an ex-boyfriend, but he was irrevalant at the moment. She sees the message from the college and carefully reads it. She got accepted. She called Aaliyah and basically screamed her butt off when Aaliyah answered the phone. She finally will be able to get away from her crazy father and live on her own for the first time. She worked so hard after her mom got sick and her father got sick, she would do anything to get away from the fact that she might be losing both of her parents.


Telephone: Chapter Four

As the party starts to fade, she realizes it might be time for her to go home. “Joshua, I have to go. It was….”. Joshua interrupts Michelle. “Do you have to go? I mean just stay a little longer?” Michelle wanted to stay so bad but she knew sooner or later her father would be wondering where she was. “I’m sorry, Joshua, but I really have to go. I wish I could stay with you and keep talking about old times.” Joshua smiles, as he remembers all the silly things they did when they were younger, before he got his first boner.

Michelle and Joshua get deeper and deeper into the conversation, asking questions and getting to know each other again. Michelle finally tells Joshua she has to go and his face turns into the face that made her what to stay, but she couldn’t. She sees Aaliyah walking towards the door talking to Roberto. Michelle walks passed them and then she hears Joshua’s lovely voice. “Wait! I want to ask you something!” She stops and turns around, looks at him with the eyes he loved to look into. “Man, your eyes are so pretty. I look at your eyes and I just feel up with happiness.” Michelle blushes. “ I want to keep talking, so here is my number and maybe we can sit together during lunch.” Michelle thought Joshua moving a little fast for them “getting to know each other better”, but she wanted to spend as much time as she could with him.

Aaliyah is driving since Michelle drove them to the party. Aaliyah’s phone rings and she answers. Michelle looks out the window, dreaming about Joshua. She wish she could go back and keep talking to him. He made her feel so different and ALIVE. Aaliyah drives up to her house and she waves goodbye to Michelle and gives her a kiss on cheek. Michelle and Aaliyah always did that, so it was abnormal and not weird when they did it. Michelle makes her way to the driver’s side and makes her way home. She constantly thinks of everything that she did with Joshua. The way he laughed, smiled, grinned, and all the above. She drives into her driveway, no surprise, she sees that her father is not home. She walks into the house feeling as if something had changed in the house but she wasn’t sure what it was.  She decides its best to take a shower and go to bed.

After a nice, hot shower she goes to bed. Her skin was soft and face was smooth, her body was smelling intoxicating. She closed her eyes ready to spend the next nine hours dreaming about Joshua.

Telephone: Chapter Three

Michelle and her friend, Aaliyah, are in the car rocking hard to music and getting hype for the night they are going to have, tonight. As they drive up to the scene of the party, Michelle sees five guys standing in a circle and drinking out of red cups (who know what could be in those cups, something Michelle wanted to find out). As she looks closer she sees her four-year crush Joshua. His body was perfect from head to toe. He was like an taller, sexier version of Justin Bieber. She drives up into the driveway hoping Joshua will look at her while she gets out the car, she opens the door and glides her way slowly out the car. She made sure Joshua saw, and he stared at her with his pretty blue eyes and strong jawbone. She loved his voice and how each word sound more sexier than the other. He made her feel so different from everybody. She tried her best not to stare out because if she did, she might just zone and never come back out. Joshua, being a horny boy he is, looks at her from head to toe. Starting from her face to chest the popped out just enough that wasn’t too much or wasn’t too little to her waist where he could see all on her curves (front to back), her hips tightly caressing his mind of him touching them with his hands as her ass pressed up against him. As he mind started to wonder off on how beautiful and sexy Michelle, Aaliyah was walking in the front of car looking down as she fixed her purple dress around her body. The one guy she liked was named Roberto, who could get any girl he wanted, but Aaliyah knew he needed to work a little harder to get her. She didn’t want him as just a person she dated but an actual relationship. Roberto knew this when every time he tried to talk to her, he had trouble trying to make her give him what he wants. Aaliyah wasn’t as easy to get as any other girl and Aaliyah want a guy who wants more than just her body. Roberto wasn’t it, but it was hard to leave a guy alone that you find so damn attractive.

Anyway, as Roberto walked toward Aaliyah, he remembers he has a girlfriend who will be at the party in a few. So, he turns the other way and goes to talk to other people. Aaliyah knew exactly what he was doing and she knew that his next step was to be single again. Roberto, still staring at her, smiles and winks at Aaliyah, making Aaliyah feel special. Aaliyah decided to make Roberto want her more. As Aaliyah and Michelle walked up the steps moves her hips a little more to show off her hips. Aaliyah looks back and sees Roberto kissing his girlfriend, the more they kiss the more mad Aaliyah  got. So, instead of crying her eyes out for wanting to be with him, she told herself “Tonight, I am going party hard with or without him, even it meant meeting another guy.”

Michelle walks into the party dancing to the beat a little, wondering if Joshua was looking at her. She goes in the party and Michelle sees Joshua’s ex girlfriend, Chrissy, the biggest hoe in the whole school. Chrissy was one of those popular girls that people never called her a hoe because they wanted to be just like her. Michelle wasn’t weak like those other girls. When she saw Chrissy she would turn her head the other way, and she knew this made Chrissy feel like she need to find a way to make her pay attention to her. As Chrissy walks by, she turns her head away from her green dress that showed everything besides that pre-used shit in between her legs. Michelle knows Chrissy is going by Joshua, but Joshua wasn’t stupid enough to fall for Chrissy again. He quickly walks away and moves his way towards Michelle, leaving Chrissy. Michelle started to melt a little when his masculine voice said, “Hi, Michelle.” She stands there just staring at him and looking at how much he grew up. She knew him ever since she was a two years old. They were best friends until one day, Joshua hits puberty and starts going out with Chrissy. After a while, they separated Chrissy still wanted to be with Joshua but Joshua realized how much of a hoe she really was. Michelle work with him in class on big projects but that was basically the only time they talked. Michelle felt like it was time she broke the hardened shell and actually start talking to him again.

“Hi, how are you?”, say Michelle.“Im good, how about you?, he replies. Michelle loves his voice, she tried so hard not to fall to her knees. “I’m great. Thanks!” Michelle smiles and so does Joshua. He realizes how beautiful and sexy Michelle was. It was hard for him not stare at her like he did. When they work on projects together, he would love to just hear her speak and watch her every minute that he could. He always felt like he would never be good enough for Michelle.

As Joshua and Michelle get to know each other again. Joshua smiles and says, “Would you like to dance?” Instead of replying, Michelle makes her way to the backyard where everybody was dancing. Michelle saw Aaliyah grinding on Roberto as if he was her boyfriend. Michelle knew how Roberto felt about Aaliyah, he just didn’t know how to show it. Anyway, Joshua finds his way to the dance floor and stops a second as watches Michelle dance. Her hip shaking, her body moving non stop. He could start to see that Michelle was getting hot and he was getting more than hot watching her. Joshua moves a little closer and Michelle rubs her ass against him. Moving up and down and all around. After a few minutes the fast music stops and a slow jam calms on. Joshua was kind of afraid because his pants felt a little tight and didn’t if Michelle could see it. Michelle turns around and smiles at him. She knows he has a little boner but she doesn’t care. Just being with him makes her feel wonderful. Joshua puts his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him. He wanted to kiss her, but he didn’t. (Same feeling Michelle had ever since she saw him when she got out the car) They danced slowly, talked, and laughed. Things that typical best friends would do.

We are all different.

I decided to use this title for one reason only. The things you see that share a lot of emotions are really me speaking. It’s from the heart. The situations I’ve been in have hurt me beyond words and if you don’t understand or think I sound crazy or insecure. Then let me be the one to tell you I am insecure, I’m very insecure, but that isn’t going to stop be from posting this. It’s a coping thing for me. In the past couple years, a lot has happened and sometimes I would just write out my feelings. I was always something that sooth me. And believe it is nothing but the truth.

Nov. 11, 2014

In life, you sometimes find yourself trying to find the right one. That one person that melts your heart and that person you can never live without. It becomes hard when you start to love them so fast and you become scared that they don’t love you back. So you trust your gut and hope for the best. You’ll get over this person even if you try. In time, yes, you may feel that you are over this person, but believe me it isn’t. So you can understand this, let me explain my story. It’s not easy to write this, this isn’t professional or even proper writing for a book, but who cares its inevitably for me. To recope. To be me again. I’ve fell in love with a man I have never touched, seen, heard, or had physical contact with. But we are separated right now, and I’m ready to scream and bleed out all my love for him. It’s not easy. One minute, I’m fine and then the next I’m out. I couldn’t sleep, I probably won’t sleep until I get home. I got up this morning to say I actually did something. I’m skipping class because I’m tired of going to school, it makes me stress. My sister was right, I am unhappy. I’ve lost me totally, Arianna, you are in there somewhere behind all that bullshit, show everyone who you really are.

Telephone: Chapter One

Ring Ring!”, Michelle’s phone goes off. She’s tired from a long night of partying and all she wants to do is sleep, but she can’t. Kids need to go to school, drop off her boyfriend at work, interview in two hours, and then she goes to work.

As she climbs out of bed, she realizes her ankle is completely swollen and from being hangover from the night before she can’t remember how and why her ankle is swollen. She yells for her boyfriend, Mike. But no answer… She screams at the top of lungs “Mike! Help! I need to go the hospital!” Still no answer. She begin to worry that Mike meant his word when he said if she didn’t get her shit together he was taking his kids and leaving her. She tries to jump out of bed but instead falls on the floor, her head facing the closet door. She realizes that all of Mike’s clothes are still in there and even some of the kids’ clothes, too.

Waking up and realizing it was just a dream, gave Michelle a panic on what her future was going to be. Shes a teenage girl in high school, senior, smart, and beautiful (as her family tells her). Not a damn thing in her way from a better future. Her biological parents were too drunk and stupid to realize what a wonderful daughter they had. Never got in trouble, never got in a fight (but was prepared for one, if necessary), never misbehave in class (that is, what her parents knew off). Michelle wasn’t a perfect child, she did what any other young teenage did in school. She would talk in class, skip class when she felt like she didn’t need to go. She made sure her grades were good because if not, one slip in her grades and her father will slip a hit on her face.

Her mother, Louise, was dying from cancer and her father was too busy drinking and smoking, her mother could barely get the help she needed. A father she hated and hoped one day her mother would finally leave him and let her loving daughter take care of her. Michelle never really called her father “Dad”. She would only called him Dad, if he was sober enough not to beat her for calling his name. One night, her father was half drunk and started crying, telling her all the things that she didn’t give two shits about. He could kick her ass whenever he wanted to and she wasn’t afraid to say it to face. Her family tries to remind her that if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be alive right now. Who said she wanted to be in this world? Who said she has to work harder to stop the abuse for her parents? She would whether be dead or in jail, then live in the hell hole they call “life”.

As she gets ready for school, she realizes her mother isn’t calling her to give her, her morning pills. She waits a few seconds for the annoying, yell for help with her medicine. Still nothing. She paces herself and checks to see if her mother is still there. She walks into the room, her mother pale as snow on a clear sunny day. Her hair falling out little by little. Her eyes shut, not seeing one visible sign of rapid eye movement. She realizes in the next few months that after a few months only two people will be living in this house.

Real Love

My first love was the worst break up I ever had in my life. I still think about him today. I mean every now and then we talk, but as friends. But this quote reminds me no matter how many times I might have screwed up or even he did, we forgave each other because we loved each other too much to even let it go. He loved me for being myself. Neither of us were perfect. But when imperfections and all we were each other’s world. We were never saw each other as just another relationship. It became way more than that. I’ll never forget him. I’ll never forget how I lost Derrick. 


It’s almost midnight and I’m ready to leave this boring place. I want to be home with my man between my legs, controlling me with his every touch and sound. I crave his touch more while he is in his meeting, no panties on which was requested by him before I met him inside his office. I was unaware of what his plans were for us, it made feel this unsteady curiosity to want to know. I got dressed in a hurry, making sure every body part of was smelling heavenly and soft. A few minutes later, he walks into the room. I stand and start walking towards him. His eyes seemed alarmed and he says, “Stop. We don’t have much time to do this. I have another meeting in two hours and I haven’t eaten yet.” He kissed my forehead and walked to his desk and sat down. He could feel his gazed on my back and on my ass. It’s crazy how he hasn’t even touch me yet and my body is hot for him. “I know you are wondering why I brought you here. It’s not just so I can stare at your behind, please turn around so I can see your beautiful face.” He says. He always had this sense of authority over me, over the control he has over my mind, body, and soul. I turn around and look into his sweet, deceiving brown eyes, trying to stop myself from moaning or biting my lip. It didn’t say anything… I was bearing so hard not to touch myself, but it was against the contract in which we have both agreed to. I bit my lip. His eyes went straight to my eyes and knew he was going to punish me for biting my lip. “Oh honey, you drive me crazy when you do that.” He leans back in your chair, I roll my eyes down his body and see his erection brushing up against his pants. “And with me knowing you have no panties on, my dick seems ready to jump out. But I must punish you first.” He looked down slowly at my legs and I knew he wanted me to take of my red pencil skirt. My skirt falls to the floor and my freshly shaved pussy feels the chill in the air and wants his fingers to touch it right now.  “Lean over the table with your ass up and head laying against my desk.” I get myself in position and I see him stand up, taking off his tie. He stands behind me and gently presses his body up against me, leaning over and grab my wrist. He ties me up with the pearl white tie and yanks on it tightly to make sure I am unable to move. He moves to the side of my ass and presses his dick against my thigh. I’m breathing harder, waiting impatiently for his touch. He rubs his hand on my ass in a circular motion, then he gives me a hard smack on the ass. He does this repeatedly and it turns me on, and I moan loud, not even worrying about if anyone else can hear me. “Don’t you dare cum. I want to be inside of you before you cum.” He keeps smacking my ass, harder and harder after every smack. Then he stops and rubs the cheek to sooth it. I gasp for air as he thrust himself deeply inside of me. “Oh, Mya, I’ve missed you baby.” He pounds into me hard, and it feels so good. I feel my climax coming closer and closer. “Adrian! A!”, fucking me until I finally burst out into an intense climax and his cum starts to run into my body, warming it up. He sits down in the chair that it is across from his desk, I lay on his chest while he rubs my legs. “Stop biting your lip. It makes me want to tear you apart, but I don’t want to hurt you.” He was always scared that he might damage me, but I wanted him to. He turns my life from a living hell to the best unforgettable moments of my life. It took him a while to open up to me, as I had to do the same with him. The day we met and the day I signed that contract changed my life, forever.

“Today, we will be talking about immigration, the very controversy topic that social media and the news is talking about. I want everyone to know that this paper is due in two weeks talking about this topic, involving what you know and what you learned. Make sure it also includes your opinion. There are many different sides to this topic, so be very descriptive and detailed. Included quotes and summary of any readings you have done to support your opinion…” Seemed like she wouldn’t stop talking and besides of this information was in our syllabus and online in a rubric our professor made.

Class ended in two minutes and I was ready to go, my best friend and I were planning on going out, and find a reason to wish we never drank the next morning. She’d made it very clear to me that there wasn’t any exceptions, we were going and that was that. I wasn’t too pleased of being forced to go out, but it’s been so long I think I honestly forgot how to party. Crazy right?

“Any late assignment over the week of the due date will be graded with an automatic zero, no exceptions.” Professor Blue stated.

Every female student raved to be in class, he was nothing but the most handsome, sexy professor a girl could see. His voice… God, his voice, the first time I heard it, I lost all thoughts about school and focused all of my attention on his brown eyes. His skin… a perfect shade of caramel, smooth, but masculine, leaving you with this overbearing need to touch him and have him touch you. There wasn’t one class where not one girl wasn’t raising their hand, unless they are completely hypnotize by his looks. But little did they know, he was mines. Unaware of how many times he fucked me, seduced me on a daily basis. It was more than just sex with him, I love him more than any girl can understand. He spoils me down to my toes, something every girl dreams of.

“Class dismiss, if you have any questions, please come to me tomorrow morning. That will be all.”

I see him smirk at me, letting me know not to move. I sit in my seat, only a few feet away from the chalkboard and his desk, he stands in front of me.

“Ms. Hall, were you paying attention today?” He asked. I just nod, smiling big as hell.

“Please have a seat on my desk, I’ll be with you in just a second, baby.” He demands, as he walks away towards to the exit door of the class. He locks it, double checking no one can come in or out. He’s very protective of me. He walks his way passed me, going to his closet and he pulls out a big purple dildo. My eyes widen, not sure what his plans are for me today. “You and best friend are going out tonight?” How the hell did he know about that? I never told him when I was going out, he never approved for it and would punish me if I did. Not that I didn’t like being punished, but his anger was would over take him.

“Um….how…you see… I’m sorry?” I replied, nervously.

Without any words, I can see in his eyes, he’s not happy with me not telling him. He holds the dildo firmly in his hands, the veins looking like there are going to burst out from under his skin. He always turned me on to see how masculine he looked close up, reminded me of his dominance and control over her.


It bothers me she didn’t tell me about her going out tonight. I don’t want another man staring at her, or even thinking they have a chance of fucking her. At the same time, it will be nice to her tight little ass in a tight dress, hugging all of her delicious curves. “I’m going with you… and don’t even think about protesting, baby. Either I go with you or you don’t go at all.” It was even harder for me to not fuck her right then and there. She looked so beautiful. Wearing a short red skirt, and crop top, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. It pissed me off that she was dressed like that, but then I reminded myself she’s mines and no fucking else’s.

I gently grab my dick in the top of my pants. God, I was so hard. The shit she does to me. She’s been there for me since the day we met on her first day of college. She was even beautiful, then. Just wish I would have known how much pain I would have caused her throughout the years.


I bit my lip, in the site of him rubbing himself. He walks over to me, standing so strong above me. He grabs my hand, kissing each finger gently. I feel a chill run down my body, I wanted his lips all over me again. He gets in my face, and puts the dildo in my hand, while he violently kisses me. Leaving his taste all over my lips. He lets out a low groan after parting from her lips. “You taste so good, pancakes.” I smile and giggle every time he calls me that.

It was our first date, and the beginning the second semester in my first year of school. People were already assuming that Professor Blue and I already liked each other, just we never made it as public. So, Adrian wanted people to know how he felt about me. Even though, he’s a few years older than me, he didn’t see anything wrong with their relationship. He would say, “Mya, its one thing to let people get in the way of our happiness, but it’s another to let idiotic people stop you from doing something you want to do.” And he was right, so what if people thought it was “inappropriate”. We knew what consequences might come, but we’re ready for it. Plus, we are both mature enough to understand how to act when we are alone and when he is teaching. He is my man in public, in my home, in my bed, and in my arms, but he is my teacher in the classroom, nothing else. And tonight, he was my man.

After my cardio class, I went straight home to prepare for this night. I was young, and wasn’t sure how to dress like an adult woman. So I asked an older roommate, down the hall from my droom. She knew Professor Blue for a while, but never looked at her twice. I have a feeling she has feelings for him, but hasn’t yet devoured him with all her beautiful curves. She was a pretty girl, blonde smart girl. She had bright blue eyes that every guy in the school wanted to be her “friend”. In other words, just know she got around a lot more than I ever did.

“Okay, what’s the look you are trying to go for? Sexy? Classy? Both?!” says my best friend, Chrissy.

“Your body is not made for a tight dress, I suggest something loose. Makes you look cleaner.” Michelle announces.

I dismiss such nonsense from Michelle, and start running through my closet. I have three hours before Adrian picks me up, which gave me enough time to pick out the perfect look from head to toe. This is the night where everything would change.


I watch her devour her pancakes, with a lot of butter and syrup. She still look stunning, sitting down eating her food. I wasn’t sure how to start this conversation of what I had planned on doing to her tonight. I just made sure whatever happened that she would never forget this moment. It was late, the moon shining through, beaming brightly onto her hair and fascinating brown eyes. My apartment was set up for the perfect ease. You walk in the door and you are greeted with the view of my balcony from a distance, and beauty of midnight sky. You are taken over by the beautiful stone fireplace on the right, right across from the big leather sectional, covered with fur pillows, and soft blankets. I hoped to god, I could one day have her here in my arms, naked, relaxing on the couch.

“Um… Adrian, you okay?” She says to me, knocking me out of my daydream. “I’m sorry sweetie, I was just mesmerized by your beauty, and you look wonderful even while you are eating.” She blushes, fuck she is so beautiful. The first day she walked into my class, I was caught off guard by her beauty. How she just lit up the room with just her heart. My students were confused onto why I was so off since Mya Hall became a student in my class. Most of my colleagues thought I was crazy, and unprofessional for dating a college student, and at that, a student that I taught. Regardless of their beliefs and opinions, I’d be patient but she was going to be mines, without a doubt.

Anyways, I decided to make breakfast for our date because I remember how much she loved the smell of my clothes that one day I had come to school, after having lunch with my family. They aren’t aware of my intentions with Mya… yet. They will, soon. I am looking to take this relationship as far as I can, she’s too precious to not a chance. Especially after tonight.

After we both finished our meals, we sat on the couch. I made sure everything was perfect for her, I wanted her to feel comfortable in my home, because as I knew I would want her to be here all the time, maybe even live in her. I know I was daydreaming too much that I was already thinking about her moving in, but a man can’t help to dream and believe. We talked about everything from relationships to favorite colors. I enjoyed the conversation so very much. After three hours of talking, she yawned. I scoot closer to her, laying a light kiss on her forehead. She shivers under my lips. “Are you cold, sweetie?” Without even letting her answer, I just wrap her up in my arms and all the blankets in the bed. She nestles up on my chest. I just hope she doesn’t realize how fast and hard my heart is beating right now.

“Thank you, Adrian. I’ve had a wonderful time tonight. It’s the best time I’ve had in a long time.” Where is she going with this?


I felt kind of awkward laying on his chest, I mean we barely knew each other, but I really was cold and his body was so warm against mines, I couldn’t protest. This short dress wasn’t helping, I decided not to wear any panties, for the matter of that they might show through my dress. “Are you leaving me already?” He asked impatiently. “It’s pretty late…and…”

“Mya, listen. I can’t let you leave. I know that sounds crazy, but I can’t let you go until I kiss those lips first. And make love to you.” Whoa, was my first thought. I almost wanted to run out the room, but then again I wanted him deep down and I knew it. I could tell he was always hiding his urge to kiss me whenever I lick or bite my lips. I look up at him, he looks at me seriously and with extreme desire. “I like you a lot, Mya. And having you in my home, in my arms, is one thing I’ve dreamed of doing with you.” Before he could start his next sentence, I kiss him, sucking gently on his bottom lip. He runs his fingers through my hair, playing with it, while his tongue violates my mouth, leaving his taste. “Pancakes.” He says randomly. I look at him confused. Did he want more pancakes? “You taste like pancakes. I think that’s a perfect nickname for a girl that loves breakfast food.” He kisses me deeply before any letting me respond.

He pulls me on top of him, he grips my ass firmly, as he kisses me over and over again. I had so many questions, but I knew after this night I was his. I never regretted that either.


She’s on top of me, kissing me. Her lips, fuck her lips. I haven’t even taken of her clothes and I’m already hard as rock. I position myself so that it rubs gently against her inner thigh. She moans lightly. “Damn, you are so beautiful.” I reach under thighs and pick her up, I let the blankets fall to floor while I carry her to my bedroom. I can still taste the sticky syrup and buttery pancakes on her lips. We reach my room, and gently lay her over my bed. I slowly pull off every piece of clothing on her body. I stand over her naked body, dying to take off my clothes. I felt any other sudden movements and I was going to come before I was even able to make her cum. I pull my shirt off, and slowly unbuttoning my pants, staring at her in the eyes. The intensity of the moment made me almost lose it. I let out my huge erection, not be ever ashamed of big size. I let my body over hers, I bit her lip. I slowly move my tongue, down her soft neck while I pull on her hard nipples. She was as turned on as I was. My lips rub over her navel, my chin feels the few hair above her pussy. Shaved pussy, good. I love to see my dick fucking her. My dick was throbbing to be inside of her, but I had make her loose and sweet for my dick first. I slide on finger in my pussy, twirling it around in the tight area. I spread her legs more, pushing my wet tongue against her hard clit, flicking it, sucking it, and making her moan louder with every touch. I can taste her juice in my mouth, letting me know she’s close to come. “Oh baby, your pussy is so sweet.” I stop and I realize her hand is buried in my head, not wanting me to stop. I can’t wait anymore. I thrust my dick inside her without warning. She lets out a loud moan, so glad my bedroom is sound proof. I fuck her deep and hard, her pussy starts to clinch over my dick. Fuck. “Relax, baby. Let’s come together.” I lean down to kiss her and keeping fucking her. She feels so good, god I could stay like this forever. It felt good having her here where no one else could touch her. Sounds possessive, but I liked it.  She screams, she going to come and so was I. Her pussy clinches on dick more, then loosen as her juices start coming out, I cum hard… tensing up completely. I was coming non-stop. I lay on top of her, breathless and highly aroused. “You’re still coming, Adrian.” And I was, she made me like that. I’ve never be like this with someone ever again. And I didn’t think I wanted to be.