Telephone: Chapter Three

Michelle and her friend, Aaliyah, are in the car rocking hard to music and getting hype for the night they are going to have, tonight. As they drive up to the scene of the party, Michelle sees five guys standing in a circle and drinking out of red cups (who know what could be in those cups, something Michelle wanted to find out). As she looks closer she sees her four-year crush Joshua. His body was perfect from head to toe. He was like an taller, sexier version of Justin Bieber. She drives up into the driveway hoping Joshua will look at her while she gets out the car, she opens the door and glides her way slowly out the car. She made sure Joshua saw, and he stared at her with his pretty blue eyes and strong jawbone. She loved his voice and how each word sound more sexier than the other. He made her feel so different from everybody. She tried her best not to stare out because if she did, she might just zone and never come back out. Joshua, being a horny boy he is, looks at her from head to toe. Starting from her face to chest the popped out just enough that wasn’t too much or wasn’t too little to her waist where he could see all on her curves (front to back), her hips tightly caressing his mind of him touching them with his hands as her ass pressed up against him. As he mind started to wonder off on how beautiful and sexy Michelle, Aaliyah was walking in the front of car looking down as she fixed her purple dress around her body. The one guy she liked was named Roberto, who could get any girl he wanted, but Aaliyah knew he needed to work a little harder to get her. She didn’t want him as just a person she dated but an actual relationship. Roberto knew this when every time he tried to talk to her, he had trouble trying to make her give him what he wants. Aaliyah wasn’t as easy to get as any other girl and Aaliyah want a guy who wants more than just her body. Roberto wasn’t it, but it was hard to leave a guy alone that you find so damn attractive.

Anyway, as Roberto walked toward Aaliyah, he remembers he has a girlfriend who will be at the party in a few. So, he turns the other way and goes to talk to other people. Aaliyah knew exactly what he was doing and she knew that his next step was to be single again. Roberto, still staring at her, smiles and winks at Aaliyah, making Aaliyah feel special. Aaliyah decided to make Roberto want her more. As Aaliyah and Michelle walked up the steps moves her hips a little more to show off her hips. Aaliyah looks back and sees Roberto kissing his girlfriend, the more they kiss the more mad Aaliyah  got. So, instead of crying her eyes out for wanting to be with him, she told herself “Tonight, I am going party hard with or without him, even it meant meeting another guy.”

Michelle walks into the party dancing to the beat a little, wondering if Joshua was looking at her. She goes in the party and Michelle sees Joshua’s ex girlfriend, Chrissy, the biggest hoe in the whole school. Chrissy was one of those popular girls that people never called her a hoe because they wanted to be just like her. Michelle wasn’t weak like those other girls. When she saw Chrissy she would turn her head the other way, and she knew this made Chrissy feel like she need to find a way to make her pay attention to her. As Chrissy walks by, she turns her head away from her green dress that showed everything besides that pre-used shit in between her legs. Michelle knows Chrissy is going by Joshua, but Joshua wasn’t stupid enough to fall for Chrissy again. He quickly walks away and moves his way towards Michelle, leaving Chrissy. Michelle started to melt a little when his masculine voice said, “Hi, Michelle.” She stands there just staring at him and looking at how much he grew up. She knew him ever since she was a two years old. They were best friends until one day, Joshua hits puberty and starts going out with Chrissy. After a while, they separated Chrissy still wanted to be with Joshua but Joshua realized how much of a hoe she really was. Michelle work with him in class on big projects but that was basically the only time they talked. Michelle felt like it was time she broke the hardened shell and actually start talking to him again.

“Hi, how are you?”, say Michelle.“Im good, how about you?, he replies. Michelle loves his voice, she tried so hard not to fall to her knees. “I’m great. Thanks!” Michelle smiles and so does Joshua. He realizes how beautiful and sexy Michelle was. It was hard for him not stare at her like he did. When they work on projects together, he would love to just hear her speak and watch her every minute that he could. He always felt like he would never be good enough for Michelle.

As Joshua and Michelle get to know each other again. Joshua smiles and says, “Would you like to dance?” Instead of replying, Michelle makes her way to the backyard where everybody was dancing. Michelle saw Aaliyah grinding on Roberto as if he was her boyfriend. Michelle knew how Roberto felt about Aaliyah, he just didn’t know how to show it. Anyway, Joshua finds his way to the dance floor and stops a second as watches Michelle dance. Her hip shaking, her body moving non stop. He could start to see that Michelle was getting hot and he was getting more than hot watching her. Joshua moves a little closer and Michelle rubs her ass against him. Moving up and down and all around. After a few minutes the fast music stops and a slow jam calms on. Joshua was kind of afraid because his pants felt a little tight and didn’t if Michelle could see it. Michelle turns around and smiles at him. She knows he has a little boner but she doesn’t care. Just being with him makes her feel wonderful. Joshua puts his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him. He wanted to kiss her, but he didn’t. (Same feeling Michelle had ever since she saw him when she got out the car) They danced slowly, talked, and laughed. Things that typical best friends would do.


We are all different.

I decided to use this title for one reason only. The things you see that share a lot of emotions are really me speaking. It’s from the heart. The situations I’ve been in have hurt me beyond words and if you don’t understand or think I sound crazy or insecure. Then let me be the one to tell you I am insecure, I’m very insecure, but that isn’t going to stop be from posting this. It’s a coping thing for me. In the past couple years, a lot has happened and sometimes I would just write out my feelings. I was always something that sooth me. And believe it is nothing but the truth.

Nov. 11, 2014

In life, you sometimes find yourself trying to find the right one. That one person that melts your heart and that person you can never live without. It becomes hard when you start to love them so fast and you become scared that they don’t love you back. So you trust your gut and hope for the best. You’ll get over this person even if you try. In time, yes, you may feel that you are over this person, but believe me it isn’t. So you can understand this, let me explain my story. It’s not easy to write this, this isn’t professional or even proper writing for a book, but who cares its inevitably for me. To recope. To be me again. I’ve fell in love with a man I have never touched, seen, heard, or had physical contact with. But we are separated right now, and I’m ready to scream and bleed out all my love for him. It’s not easy. One minute, I’m fine and then the next I’m out. I couldn’t sleep, I probably won’t sleep until I get home. I got up this morning to say I actually did something. I’m skipping class because I’m tired of going to school, it makes me stress. My sister was right, I am unhappy. I’ve lost me totally, Arianna, you are in there somewhere behind all that bullshit, show everyone who you really are.

Telephone: Chapter Two

Its the end of the school year, all of her family have come to come to Louise’s funeral. Michelle crying for her  mother wishing she was still here. Every morning Louise will tell her a quick story about her life growing up in a new country. Her mother is Dominican and same for her father. Michelle resembles neither of them, but she looked like her mother when she was the same age as her. It was as if Louise was given a second life, but it was actually just her daughter.

As Michelle watched them bury her mother, she wondered if her father actually cared enough or wasn’t too drunk to realize what just happened. Without her mother, life at home when be ten times harder. Her father’s drinking and no having job meant it was up to her to take care of everything. From getting herself to school and dealing with the shit that comes up with her father. Michelle knew how to drive a car, pay bills, and everything else, but when it comes to her father she doesn’t know what to expect..

In the middle of summer, Michelle wants to leave her stupid ass father home and go out with friends to a party where her long-term crush will be. She walks into the kitchen and sees her father grabbing his usual midnight snack (Beer and whatever else he can find to eat). She smiles at him as if she doesn’t want grab a knife and kill him and politely says, “Dad, I love you. Is it okay if I go to a party with some friends?” She waits for the question you always hear for your father when you ask him to go to a party. “Are boys going to be at the party?” But instead, he throws his beer and snack into the sink, steps up really fast into Michelle’s face and balls his hands into a fist. Michelle knowing that look, tightens up her body to prevent her coming, when that triggering blow in the face knocks her down on her ass. He swings his arm back and moves it towards her and in reaction, Michelle shuts her eyes completely. Her father puts his muscular arms around her and crying like a little bitch she already knew he was. She pats him on his back and then lays him down in the bed and waits as she puts her 30-something year old father in the bed. Now, he is officially knocked the fuck out. So she goes to the party. Now, if her father hit her then that would have been a given answer of the word “No.” But a “let your father cry on you and put him to sleep like a baby”, was a sign for her to get out of the house and relax. She grabbed her keys and everything she needed for the party. She calls her friend, Aaliyah, telling her to be ready to shake her ass until the sunshine hits her eyes. Aaliyah, was ready for anything and she knew Michelle was ready to party all night long.

Michelle.. a virgin…single…big crush on one guy for the last three days. Sounds like any other teenage girl, right? Wrong. Michelle wasn’t just a regular ole’ teenager, she was a smart one. Who put her schooling, in front of anything. If her grades were not where she wanted them to be, she wouldn’t talk to anybody until those damn grades were in the right place. But when she had everything in order in school, she was like a teenager who got expelled from school and knew how to “party like a rock” every day and every night. Michelle and Aaliyah both had curves that any girl wish they had. They didn’t show it off like other bitches would. Schooling was casual and be a student dressing, but partying was to be the biggest looking hoe at the party but still be a bad bitch at the same time. They achieved this perfectly. Not letting a damn thing stop them from having fun. And tonight was tonight that maybe that big crush Michelle had on Josh was finally going to be able to talk to him.

Aaliyah was always pretty. She had long brown hair, big eyes, and a petite body. She wasn’t shape like a hourglass but she close enough. She was a very classy girl who knew how to show off her shit while people were still hating on her. She knew she looked good but she carried herself as any lady should. A lot of people say that Michelle and Aaliyah could be sister because they look so alike.

Michelle got blonde highlights in her hair that brought out her shape and face. Her eyes were brown with a little green in them. She had more curves then Aaliyah, but Aaliyah was the one with the nice butt, while Michelle had big boobs. Michelle stayed fit everyday. From running to walking on the treadmill for an hour to two hours. Aaliyah did the same. Never worked out together but came out with the same best results that they wanted.

Telephone: Chapter One

Ring Ring!”, Michelle’s phone goes off. She’s tired from a long night of partying and all she wants to do is sleep, but she can’t. Kids need to go to school, drop off her boyfriend at work, interview in two hours, and then she goes to work.

As she climbs out of bed, she realizes her ankle is completely swollen and from being hangover from the night before she can’t remember how and why her ankle is swollen. She yells for her boyfriend, Mike. But no answer… She screams at the top of lungs “Mike! Help! I need to go the hospital!” Still no answer. She begin to worry that Mike meant his word when he said if she didn’t get her shit together he was taking his kids and leaving her. She tries to jump out of bed but instead falls on the floor, her head facing the closet door. She realizes that all of Mike’s clothes are still in there and even some of the kids’ clothes, too.

Waking up and realizing it was just a dream, gave Michelle a panic on what her future was going to be. Shes a teenage girl in high school, senior, smart, and beautiful (as her family tells her). Not a damn thing in her way from a better future. Her biological parents were too drunk and stupid to realize what a wonderful daughter they had. Never got in trouble, never got in a fight (but was prepared for one, if necessary), never misbehave in class (that is, what her parents knew off). Michelle wasn’t a perfect child, she did what any other young teenage did in school. She would talk in class, skip class when she felt like she didn’t need to go. She made sure her grades were good because if not, one slip in her grades and her father will slip a hit on her face.

Her mother, Louise, was dying from cancer and her father was too busy drinking and smoking, her mother could barely get the help she needed. A father she hated and hoped one day her mother would finally leave him and let her loving daughter take care of her. Michelle never really called her father “Dad”. She would only called him Dad, if he was sober enough not to beat her for calling his name. One night, her father was half drunk and started crying, telling her all the things that she didn’t give two shits about. He could kick her ass whenever he wanted to and she wasn’t afraid to say it to face. Her family tries to remind her that if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be alive right now. Who said she wanted to be in this world? Who said she has to work harder to stop the abuse for her parents? She would whether be dead or in jail, then live in the hell hole they call “life”.

As she gets ready for school, she realizes her mother isn’t calling her to give her, her morning pills. She waits a few seconds for the annoying, yell for help with her medicine. Still nothing. She paces herself and checks to see if her mother is still there. She walks into the room, her mother pale as snow on a clear sunny day. Her hair falling out little by little. Her eyes shut, not seeing one visible sign of rapid eye movement. She realizes in the next few months that after a few months only two people will be living in this house.

Real Love

My first love was the worst break up I ever had in my life. I still think about him today. I mean every now and then we talk, but as friends. But this quote reminds me no matter how many times I might have screwed up or even he did, we forgave each other because we loved each other too much to even let it go. He loved me for being myself. Neither of us were perfect. But when imperfections and all we were each other’s world. We were never saw each other as just another relationship. It became way more than that. I’ll never forget him. I’ll never forget how I lost Derrick.